Forth Blocks Mode

Update: Forthblocks Mode has been superseded by Pygmy Mode, which is available as part of the new 32-bit/64-bit Pygmy Forth.

forthblocks.el (version 0.1 of 8 October 2008) (12K) (licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 gpl-2.0.txt)

This is an Emacs mode to help you edit Forth code in text files (almost) as if you were editing block files.

This mode identifies a logical block by a special comment. The comment must start with a left parenthesis at the beginning of the line, followed by one space followed by either block or shadow, followed by at least one space.

Here are some example block comments:

( block 1   ------------------  load block)
( shadow 1 )
( block 2  miscellaneous)
( shadow 2 miscellaneous )

See the comments in the file forthblocks.el for more information.

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