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“Pikme” is pronounced to rhyme with “Pygmy”. One day Pikme may grow into a full Forth for the Microchip PIC series of microprocessors. It begins with merely a bootloader. This is really just a sketch at this time. I haven’t really looked at it since July, 2006 (and, unfortunately, I can’t even look at it now). The new version (20100425) includes some corrections and enhancements by Byron Jeff (thanks Byron!).

Pikme Bootloader

The Pikme bootloader is “The World’s Simplest PIC Bootloader”.

It has two parts:

PIC chip side

As a one-time action, burn the bootloader (boot.hex) into the PIC chip with a hardware programmer.

Host PC side

Thereafter, download your application’s hex file to the chip via the serial port with picbl.py, e.g. python picbl.py dummy1.hex 0 for the first serial port (COM1: under Windows or /dev/ttyS0 under Linux) or python picbl.py dummy1.hex 1 for the second serial port (COM2: under Windows or /dev/ttyS1 under Linux)


Pikme PIC bootloader boot20100425.zip (81K) (Includes everything. Unzip it into its own directory or put it anywhere convenient.)


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