Riscy Pygness – Pygmy Forth for the ARM Cortex



Riscy Pygness is a 32-bit multitasking Pygmy Forth for the ARM (and now the ARM Cortex). See http://pygmy.utoh.org/riscy/ for a fuller description.


Riscy Pygness for the STM32 ARM Cortex M3

version released February 21, 2011

Riscy Pygness for the LPC17xx ARM Cortex M3

version released February 21, 2011

After downloading one of the above into your home directory, create a working directory and uncompress the files there, e.g.,

$ cd                                           # move to your home directory
$ mkdir riscy                                  # make a general riscy directory
$ cd riscy                                     # move to it
$ mkdir cortex                                 # make a cortex directory
$ cd cortex                                    # move to it
$ mkdir stm32                                  # make a working directory
$ cd stm32                                     # move to the working directory
$ tar -xjvf ~/riscypygness-stm32-20110218.zip  # uncompress the files
The Manual

the manual applies to the ARM as well as the ARM Cortex versions of Riscy Pygness

The Bundle of Tools

(the GNU toolchain to cross assemble for the ARM, Tclkit, lpc21isp). Note, these tools were compiled under Ubuntu 10.04 i386 32-bit. They might work on Ubuntu 10.10 i386 32-bit or under other Linux distributions, possibly even on 64-bit versions if the 32-bit libraries are installed. Please let me know if you run it successfully on any Linux distribution other than 32-bit i386 Ubuntu 10.04.

the binary
http://pygmy.utoh.org/riscy/arm-toolchain.tar.bz2 (28M)
its checksum

After downloading above, run

$ md5sum -c arm-toolchain.tar.bz2.md5   

to verify the checksum, then

$ sudo tar -xjvf arm-toolchain.tar.bz2 --absolute-names --keep-old-files 

to uncompress and install in the standard locations (under /usr/local/).

the source

since some of the above is licensed under the GNU GPL, the full source code for the GPL’d files is also available here. You probably do not need to download it unless you wish to compile the tools yourself.

How to get started

See the latest version of the manual.