Olimex lpc2106 board and my MMC/SD interface

Below are some pictures of the Olimex LPC2106 development board and the MMC (MultiMediaCard) disk socket. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger pictures.

The LPC2106 chip contains 128KB Flash and 64KB RAM, 2 serial ports, SPI, I2C, timers, etc. in a $10 chip.

This shows the size of the Olimex development board and the MultiMediaCard (flash disk) socket in comparison to a dime. The seven pins of the socket are soldered to 30 gauge wire-wrap wire and connected to a 7-pin header which will be wire-wrapped to the appropriate signals on the development board. The tiny square chip near the center of the populated half of the development board is the CPU chip.

A slightly different view similar to the previous one.

Here the MMC socket is near its final destination on the development board.

Another view similar to the previous one.

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