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1 License

Generally, I have been releasing my software under a BSD/MIT/X-style license, but am beginning to switch over to a pure MIT license.

2 Forth

2.1 Riscy Pygness

Riscy Pygness is 32-bit Pygmy Forth for ARM processors (and now the ARM Cortex).

2.2 Pygmy Forth for DOS etc.

See for 16-bit Pygmy Forth for DOS (which runs on all sorts of "DOS", including FreeDOS and under various Microsoft Windows operating systems, and under the DOS simulator on Linux) and for links to various Forth information, including ARM my "3 Instruction Forth" paper.

3 Amortization

I've written a Python program to produce amortization schedules. See

4 Miscellaneous

4.1 ARM Cortex M3

ARM Cortex M3 chips are all the rage. Riscy Pygness has now been ported to the STM32 ARM Cortex M3 and might be ported to the LPC17xx in the near future.

See for some LED blinking examples for the STM32 and the LPC17xx.

4.2 Pikme

Here are some (unfinished) notes about a bootloader for the PIC. I may get back to it some day.

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